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The time to broaden the range of vision of our readers about the types of earnings and SEO as well has come. This article is intended to make you understand the diversified types of earnings with the help of SEO and other partnership software.

The main topic for today is to appreciate and understand fully the meaning of PPC (Pay Per Click) as well as its full scope and learn the ways you can start earning money by using PPC already today. Of course the first question that you might have is "What is PPC actually?" PPC is actually the abbreviation that stands for Pay Per Click. Meaning that every time you make a click, you earn money. Now the only thing left to discover is to understand where to start clicking. However, be careful about the meaning of click itself. PPC is not one of the types of those procedures of clicking sponsors where you earn 0.01 cent for each click. PPC is way better and you should definitely try it out!

In order to properly understand it you should use your imagination. Let's imagine that there is a certain company that is selling some goods via internet. And this company cannot afford the advancement in top searches due to some reasons. The reasons of that could be due to: lack of funds for advancement; huge rivalry; lack of time to get to the top searches etc. Since the website is not included in top searches of searching systems and searching engines, then the website of the company gets a small amount of traffic. Hereby the amount of sales ends up being critically minimal.

So in order for the company to start earning income, it should start attracting targeted traffic or in other words find sources of interested customers. These sources should not be so expensive. And one of such sources is PPC systems. Over there the traffic is coming from sites of webmasters, like you and me. In reality PPC is an intermediary between the advertisers (e.g. a company that is selling goods online) and webmasters (owners of the website, from which the traffic is coming from). Webmaster installs a special code at its resource. And this code sends all the visitors to the webpage of PPC partnership. This webpage contains the links of the websites of advertisers, who are buying these clicks according to certain request. When you are redirected to the website of the advertiser, then webmaster receives a certain amount of money. This amount directly depends on the bid value and also the percentage, which is being paid to webmaster by PPC itself.

Bid – is the actual value of the click. The value of the bid is directly dependant on the goods or service and so n. For example, if you look at the bids of the keyword «buy Viagra» in different PPC partnerships, then you will see that the minimal value of the bid is $1.4 for 1 click. The maximum value is $ 1.7. On the other hand the bid of the keyword «SEO» has the minimal value of $ 0.01 and the maximum value of $ 0.11. These bids are being assigned by the advertisers.

In case if you face any sort of difficulties and need help, then do not hesitate and feel free to contact our support service team. Over there you will surely find all the answers for your questions. We do care about our customers and make our best, so that once you join PromoHeads you never feel like leaving it and enjoy doing business with us and earning more money for you!

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